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Episode 3 of 3

December 17, 2009

Windsor , Ontario

Jay and Gino have revamped their Erie Street eatery, complete with a recession-friendly menu. Will Windsorites bite?

Dec. 17

Burger with the works

While Gino renovates the dining room, Jay tests new recipes in the kitchen. The count-down to opening night has begun.


November 3, 2009

Windsor , Ontario

Episode 2 of 3


Another Saturday night

There was a time you had to fight for a table at NOI – but the recession has sent a chill through Windsor’s Little Italy.


September 28, 2009

Windsor , Ontario

Episode 1 of 3


Jay & Gino

Restaurateurs Jay and Gino cook up a recession survival plan.




  • Main character  

    Jay & Gino   Jay & Gino  

    Jay and Gino have been in the restaurant biz since ’93, winning an award for excellence on their first outing. Since then they’ve run a pizzeria and tony eatery in Little Italy.


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