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Montreal , Quebec

Closing film of the GDP webdocumentary. A 23-minute piece which navigates between 'making of' and original content - 14 hours of films & photo essays produced over 1 year.

New stories every week: Canadians confronting the crisis

Canadian tax-payers contributed $14.5 billion to bailing out Chrysler and GM – which nonetheless shut its last Windsor plant in 2010.

Toronto , Ontario

From her homebase in a Toronto housing co-op, 92-year-old Bea Levis is a spirited advocate for the economic security and wellbeing of all older Canadians.

Montreal , Quebec

"The crisis may be over for big companies, but not for people like us." With both parents still out of work - and ineligible for employment insurance - one family gets a welcome summer break.

Sep. 20